Gravina Pallone Cheese History

The Pallone di Gravina is a cheese similar to the caciocavallo in seeming, with a spherical shape made by raw milk from farms spread over the territory of the high Murgia and Gravina in Puglia, South East of Italy.
Its origins are very old: the finds of the Archaeological Park of Botromagno in Gravina, give different evidences. Within the grave goods of the ancient Greek polis of Sidion, than the Roman town Silvium, they found among the funerary decorations some tools for the milk production and even a grater or grater-cacio for hard crust cheese just like the Pallone di Gravina.
The agrarian encyclopedia of the Kingdom of Naples of 1859 quotes the Pallone of Gravina referring to its preparation. Even the Lecutres on Agricultural, Chemistry and Geology (Edinburgh and London, 1847) quoted it as one of the most popular and exquisite southern Italian cheeses during the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
In 2012 the Slow Food Presidia of the Pallone of Gravina was created, thanks to the efforts of the producers, the local Slow Food convivium and the cultural association "Murgiamadre (food.culture.territory)".

Gravina Pallone Cheese Territory

The basin of Murgia Plateau and the Bradano river have always been dedicated to the transformation of milk and its derivatives. Gravina in Puglia was an important station of the Melfi-Castellaneta tratturo and a place where the craftsmanship has been able to create excellent cheeses.
The particularity of the sylvo-pastoral culture has been able to take advantage from this characteristic places for the aging and the refining of products. The hypogeum of Gravina have always been the places used for the food storage: wine presses, granaries, ice houses, straw warehouses, cellars, tanks and places for the cheese aging. There is also an underground city, which today is possible to visit, completely dedicated to the refining of the Pallone and the caciocavallo.

Gravina Pallone Cheese Quality

The cheese dairies that produce the Pallone di Gravina draw the milk from the basin of the Murgia Plateau and the Fossa Bradanica, two of the best in The South of Italy. Throughout history, the Pallone cheese was produced with the podolica cow milk, but nowadays the races for its production are: the Holstein Friesians, the Pezzata Rossa, the Alpine Brown, that live in animal welfare conditions in semi-free housing, eating only grass and fodder and eating water. The cheese dairy "De Rosa" works the milk from Lorusso's and Lamuraglia's farms, while the cheese dairy "Fratelli Tarantino" that from Di Santo's farm, in Santeramo del Colle (BA) and Giorndano's farm, in Altamura (BA).


Gravina Pallone Cheese Tour

It is possible to book your experience in Gravina in Puglia discovering its art, culture, history, archaeological and wine and food heritage, and the Pallone. Groups of 10 persons minimum can visit the producing milk firms, enjoy the "Pallone di Gravina Show", visit the old town and all the cultural sites of this City whose origins date back to the VI century b.C., have lunch in a traditional inn with typical a menu of the Mediterranean Diet of the Murgia Plateau. (Click here for more info about the history of Gravina). Everything will be characterised by professionalism, cordiality and healthy, friendly environment. Come here to live a unique experience with the PALLONE DI GRAVINA EXPERIENCE. All the guides are covered by official touristic guides form Puglia Promozione – the official tourism office of Gravina. The gastronomy guide service is covered by Murgiamadre and Slow Food Murge Convivium.

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